Star Trek Novels

Currently, I am attempting to read and collect as many of the Original Series Pocket Books novels as I can! Listed below are all of the novels that I have procured so far, with the Shatnerverse books separated into the table below. I am also interested in the Bantam Books published between 1967-1981, and they also have their own table at the botton of the page.

Novels I have completed are marked with a ✔, and the book I am currently reading is marked with a O. All other novels listed are books I currently own and are on my backlog to read. Eventually I plan on adding my comments are possibly small reviews of these novels.

Num Title Release Date ✔?
1 Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979-12-01
2 The Entropy Effect 1981-06-01
23 Ishmael 1985-05-01 X
27 Mindshadow 1986-01-01
54 A Flag Full of Stars (TLY #2) 1991-04-01 X
56 Legacy 1991-08-01 X
86 Constitution (MBK #2) 1999-01-01 X
N/A Enterprise: The First Adventure 1986-09-01
N/A Day of Honor (TL #4) 1997-10-01 X
Title Release Date ✔?
The Starless World 1978-11-01 O
Series Title Release Date ✔?
Mirror Universe 1 Spectre 1998-05-01 X
Mirror Universe 3 Preserver 2000-07-01 X